Thursday, June 30, 2011


Guest post from: Kent Lara

What is it about being in this big, empty house that creeps me out so much? I have this sinking feeling that the place is haunted which sounds crazy, I know, but things just move around when they’re not supposed to and sometimes I just feel like there’s someone watching me. Have any of you guys ever experienced anything with the paranormal? When my husband started working so many nights I went to found a home alarm that could protect me from all the earthly invaders, but now that I’m home alone I realize it’s not what’s outside the house, it’s inside that scares me so much. My husband thinks I’m just being paranoid but I swear there’s something in here with me! I guess all I can hope is that it’s a friendly ghost and they’re just trying to hang out and that it doesn’t want to hurt me at all. No more Ghost Adventures right before bed for this girl…that was the worst decision ever!

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