Friday, September 16, 2011

Huge sale at Little Passports!

I know I've mentioned them before because I'm in LOVE with this idea and can't wait for Aurora to be old enough but : Little Passports (HERE is the original entry with some more info in case you missed it) is offering a HUGE discount on their Globetrotter Package (a full year subscription to their awesome service). The original price is $131 but from now until midnight (PST) on September 26th they'll be offering it for only $99!! That's almost 33% off! Just enter the code LPSEPT99 at the checkout! Yet again, I'm bummed that it's too early to start on it for Aura or this would've been an amazing present. Hopefully when she's old enough, they'll run this again at the same time... I think it would be a great start of the school year idea! Something to look forward to every month (and a sneaky dose of extra learning). Anyway, I just thought I'd share because I really hope someone else will be able to take advantage of this deal! If you do be sure to tell me how your littles feel about it!

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