Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hawaiian Vacation Pt. 1 (Days 1&2)

I know I've kept you guys waiting for this one... I was trying to figure out the best way to write this post because I have SO many pictures I wanted to share! I have no choice but to split it up... So, here's the first two days of our vacation!
Um... where to start? Oh yeah, we missed our flight in! Hahaha.  Our flight was scheduled for 6am. We were all packed, at the airport and ready to go (decently early since I had already checked us in online) we checked our bags... easy. Then came security. NIGHTMARE. Took forever to get through. We ended up being cleared to fly three minutes AFTER our plane finished boarding. The people at Delta were super nice about it and offered to fly us into LA where we could wait to take a connection to Hawaii the next evening OR we could just try again the next day. We opted to just go home and come back rather than being stuck in LA, since the airport is really close to our house.  Good start, right?
My view of the Pacific for the 1st time.
So the next day we did it all over again... got there SUPER early this time just in case. Wouldn't you know it, security was a breeze. Now we had a two hour wait... Of course.
So my first plane ride was about 2 hours and change from RI to Georgia. It was pretty scary taking off and landing but the actual trip just felt like a bus ride so I didn't freak out too much. The Georgia airport is pretty nuts. An underground train just for the terminals and an indoor smoking lounge? Only in the south.
We grabbed some breakfast at the Samuel Adams Bar and Grill (funny because Samuel Adams is from Boston and has nothing to do with Georgia) and on to our second stop, LAX.
 Nothing but rude people and crappy fast food. Good thing we were only there for about 25 minutes before boarding our flight to Kona. I may have said and done some very un-vacation-like things if we were there much longer.  I got a window seat for the flight to the island. This was something I had been avoiding because I thought it would be scarier, turns out I was wrong. Taking off is less scary when you can see what's happening (turning sucks though) It was actually nice to see the Pacific under us, plus I got to see the whole island as we approached.
The difference between grey, gloomy (this time of year at least) RI and bright and beautiful Hawaii was instantly apparent when we landed.
First of all, the Kona airport is OUTSIDE!
Somehow, this is an airport. I'm still in disbelief. 
These three hula dancers welcomed us to the island!
Once we landed we took a shuttle to our home for the next four nights, The Fairmont Orchid. We got there around dusk and met up with the coordinator who set us up with our room and our itinerary. 
 After a quick shower and spruce up we headed to the hotel lounge for a couple cocktails before bed. 
The view? Incredible. Even at night:
We were pretty exhausted, so our first night was a very short one. 
Plus we had to wake early for our first activity!
I am not a morning person. AT ALL. But I think I could learn if I lived here. It's beautiful even at 7am. 
That's a waterfall and koi pond below our deck by the way...
After our first amazing (and free) breakfast buffet we headed to the ballroom to hear about our upcoming scavenger hunt! Technically it was a 'team building exercise' but also a great idea to help us see the island.
We were each assigned a rental car and iPads that had our goals programmed in and we were off!
Drive around in a Mustang convertible for the day? OK!
I'm trying really hard not to go too nuts with the pictures but this was the most scenic day by far.
Here's a few of the highlights from our four hour drive around the Big Island: 
Petroglyphs! Wish we got to see more... 
My first up close view of the Pacific!
Historic house!
Head in the clouds!
Can you see the horses?
Great lunch by the beach to end our hunt!
After, we had some free time and went exploring Kona.
I saw my first Hula Dancer, she was awesome!
We found a farmer's market where I bought a bird of paradise for dollar! It's one of my absolute favorite flowers, they are so expensive to buy here that I never get them. We were thirsty so we found a little restaurant with a deck and enjoyed some MaiTais and my first Hawaiian sunset!

When we got back to the hotel we found ourselves in the lounge again because everything closes early. 
It's okay, they had these awesome Ahi tacos! Even the cucumber stands were delicious haha!
Afterwards, we went back to our room for a delicious glass of pineapple wine!
Not pineapple flavored, MADE from pineapples! SO good!
Then we hung out in the hot tub for a bit before heading to bed. 
After all, in the morning we had our spa appointments!

To be continued....


Tee-iabo Designs said...

Ah! You're back safe and sound. to the little sprout do while you were away? I hope the answer is fine. From the looks of the pictures and your excitement of explaining them, can I safely assume that you adjusted? These pics are nice. Especially the drinks and the dessert. Going to check out pt.2

Angela H. said...

She did okay. There were a few little hiccups and her schedule went out of whack but we're back to normal now.
I totally adjusted fine once we go there... though I did keep threatening to steal other babies around the resort haha.

Tee-iabo Designs said...

Baby fever lol. I'm glad she did okay. Now that you got your 1st mommy & daughter separation out of the way the next time will be a wee bit easier. Of course you never really get totally over it.

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