Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hawaiian Vacation Pt. 2 (Day 3)

Before I talk about our third day I have to mention how good our luck on this trip was... We had planned to stay one day beyond the itinerary so we could have a little more free time. After breakfast on our second day one of the coordinators came up to us and told us that the company was going to pick up the bill for our extra night a the hotel! They felt bad that we had missed our first day there. The funny part of that is we only missed the dinner which we would've been late for and one group activity. In it's place we got a free day! Even more good luck: I found out our original plane from LAX was delayed twice. The one we actually took the next day was exactly on time. Score another point for us!

Ok... where was I? Oh yeah, the SPA. The hotel's spa is the Spa Without Walls. Apparently it's pretty famous and written up in travel magazines often. Let me just say... I can see why! I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. It was incredible. Get ready for another picture overload:
Locker/changing area. I hit that steam room first!
This is the WAITING area, No joke.
Another shadier waiting area.
Little reading/relaxing nook.
 So my appointment was for reflexology. I had a massage as a Christmas present a few weeks earlier and wanted to try something a little different. Once I got into my massage hut (near a freaking waterfall, mind you) I almost regretted my decision. Why? 
Because of what I saw at the end of the table:
This, my friends,  is a cut out in the floor so you can watch the Koi!
You see, reflexology takes place face up. 
So the awesome koi-watching feature was lost on me.
Doesn't matter though, I still had my hands and feet rubbed for an hour with a breeze coming over me and the sound of a waterfall just nearby. It was heaven. Relaxing doesn't begin to describe it. 
My massage hut.
Here's another view. I wasn't joking about the waterfall!!
After our appointments we decided to walk around a bit, and go exploring. 
Among many other things, we found a hidden whirlpool behind the spa! 
After a quick lunch we decided to hit the pool! 
That's the beach in the background. Just 20 yards away! 
Then we took a walk to the beach bar for the best margaritas ever!
That powder on the edge is made from sour plums. SO good!
Then we headed back to our room to get gussied up for the awards dinner where we ate more awesome food and hung out with some of the other people from her company. Plus roommate/bestie got her award!
Pretty centerpiece.
Salad with the best goat cheese I have EVER had.
Desert! Torte with raspberries and pistachio creme.
After dinner we had a few drinks and then headed to the hot tub and the pool for some late night swimming! In the morning... yoga! (For me anyway.)

To be continued... just one last time I promise!


Tee-iabo Designs said...

Wow! An extra day...paid for! What a blessing. These pics are amazing! I'm drooling for a spa day now minus the Koi! The water looks divine I would love to vacay here one day. I know you had a blast. What souvenir did you bring back Aurora?

Angela H. said...

It was awesome... thanks! I got Aurora a couple little things, really had to try hard not to buy everything I saw!! I'll post a picture of her goodies in Pt. 3!

Tee-iabo Designs said...

Okay, I'll be on the look out!

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