Monday, February 27, 2012

Hawaiian Vacation Pt. 3 (Last day)

Ok where was I? Our last day in Hawaii was a free day! Most of our group had already left and we were on our own. I signed up for a yoga class on the beach first thing in the morning. I used to teach yoga when I lived in Florida (assistant, technically) and beach yoga was always my favorite. It had been years since I'd done it, so I was pretty excited! I headed over to the beach around 7:30 and was the first one there. I had the whole beach to myself. It was so peaceful and relaxing I almost didn't need to take the yoga class...
Found these perfect bird tracks right near my yoga towel.
I must confess that I don't think the woman teaching the class was the best beach yoga teacher. She tried to have us do things that just weren't possible on sand and it was a little awkward. I wasn't fully disappointed though, the balance and relaxation parts were nice. Normally I prefer harder yoga routines but considering we were on an abandoned beach in Hawaii, slow relaxation was perfect. Afterwards I headed over to breakfast and we got changed so we could spend our last day at the beach. We went snorkeling which I had never done before in warm water. It was phenomenal! We saw huge tropical fish and a ton of huge sea turtles. After a bit of sun and one last stop at the beach bar we went back to the room to shower and change before heading up the road to a few shops. The shops were pretty fun, we found a big grocery store and got some awesome Hawaiian foods. We also saw the craziest trees I've ever seen:
Soon our tummies were rumbling so we went back to the resort to finally eat at the awesome sushi place, Norio's, that we had been salivating over since we arrived. It was definitely well worth the wait! 
Salmon skin roll. Oops, I couldn't wait to eat that one piece haha.
Scallops Napoleon! This may be the best dish I have ever had. EVER.
 After dinner, the roommate/bestie was sleepy so she turned in early and I went on one last long walk. The next morning was the last time that we would be waking up in beautiful Hawaii. It was very bittersweet. 
I headed down to enjoy one last breakfast in the sunshine (portuguese sausage,egg &cheese and a chocolate-macadamia latte) while I sat by the pool and filled out a few last minute postcards. 
We took a last walk around the grounds before heading to the airport. 
Just had to write this name in rocks on the beach before we left!
Goodbye Fairmont Orchid!
Goodbye ridiculously amazing centerpiece in the hallway.
Goodbye fun bathroom signs.
Goodbye outdoor airport... Goodbye paradise.
It was super hard to leave Hawaii. Part of me wanted to stay forever.
But... there was one thing I was looking forward to...
Oh, hello Aurora!!
Two days after we got back the box of souvenirs I shipped home arrived! 
(We bought too much for to fit in our suitcases! Oops.
Thank heavens for Priority Mail!
Here's a peek:
Awesome foods! Yes... those are Spam flavored macadamias. 
Fun stuff for baby. Check out that bathing suit!! I can't wait for summer!!!
Well, that's it! Our amazing Hawaiian vacation in a nutshell!
(Ok, ok, fine... it was three nutshells.)
Hope you all enjoyed coming along with me!


Small Kucing said...

the photo of the food had me drooling

Tee-iabo Designs said...

As a food lover I have to comment on that scallop dish first, it looks divine! OMG...this be what's for dinner tonight! If I knew how to make it that is. Great drinks, food, sight seeing, beautiful beach, pool, relaxation, exotic animals, and yoga on the beach. See aren't you glad you went? I wish I could have gone to. A vacation well worth taking. Love that dress you brought back for Aurora. Can't wait to see her in it. So, don't forget to take pics please.

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