Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stressed! -Warning: rant ahead!

I have to admit it... I'm in full on panic mode about my upcoming trip.
I know I can't complain about a free trip to anywhere, never mind Hawaii but all this planning is insanely stressful. Also, money has been very very tight lately - being a single mama with no help is the pits sometimes. I've been scrounging and doing every odd job I can just to have a teeny bit of spending money while we're gone. I'm still going to feel guilty about anything I spend on myself. Combine that with the stress of being away from my little bean for six days and you can see why I'm freaking out a little (ok, a lot)!
I have about four simultaneous to-do lists and my suitcase and carry on have been semi packed for about a week now. I know almost exactly what I'm bringing for myself and I'm not worried about leaving anything behind. However, every time I think about starting to pack Aurora up for her week at Nana Poo's house I start freaking out again. I don't know how to be away from her. Yes, I know I have to learn but it's going to be tough. I think half of the problem is that it will be for so long and I'm SO far away. There's no chance I can get back in less than a full day if there was an emergency!
How did you other mamas cope with your first long trip away from your littles?! I need some reassurance.

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Tee-iabo Designs said...

OH my! Well the best thing about Aurora being born during this millennium age is that technology has come a long way. You can talk to her by cell, just get a calling card and put some minutes on it. This way you won't run up the bill on your personal phone. Take her pic with you, so when you talk to her you can look at it. This will make it feel like she's kinda close-by. Once day four arrives this is when you buy her souvenirs. Then you won't have to anticipate for too long how many days are left before you can give them to her.

It's going to be tough the first two days, but I promise Hawaii is such a beautiful state with loads to do you will only be thinking about her on your down time. Most of all keep telling yourself that you deserve this trip. After all Mommy's need down time too. We run on a never ending battery. So when it comes time to having a moment's peace we often feel guilty. Take this time to re-boot, refresh, and relax. You'll come back as Super Mom & Aurora will ♥ this. More energy for Mom to play!

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