Monday, June 25, 2012

DMV test troubles? This site can help!

So, I may have to go retake my driving test at the DMV soon. Life without a car made me pretty lazy about reinstating and renewing my driver's license. I'm pretty confident that I won't have any problems. The rules of the road haven't changed since I first started driving (I hope! Haha.) and I still CAN drive, I just choose not to. The reason I'm going to get my license back is because I want to be sure I can drive if there is an emergency with Aurora, or even my friends. It would be a shame to think that I might be in a position where I need to drive somewhere but can't do it legally.
Why am I telling you this? Because, like with any other thing in my life, I'm determined to be 100% prepared. I was curious about some things, like specific DMV test questions. I Was pretty excited to find a site called DMV Cheatsheet that could quickly answer my questions. It was a much easier and less expensive alternative to online 'courses' that's for sure! They also offer a money back guarantee, should you fail because you came across questions they didn't prepare you for.
The site includes the following:
-Steps to getting your license
-What to bring to the DMV
-Requirements for getting your license
-DMV Fees
-50 Essential Question & Answer study guide questions
-Website for your state’s practice questions
-Traffic signs & signals
-Website and Phone for your state’s DMV if you have questions
They had my local DMV in Rhode Island and I even searched for a California DMV just for the heck of it. They mean it when they claim to have info for every DMV from coast to coast! It's very important to be properly prepared because the tests vary from state to state. The site even has practice test to help you get comfortable with the information and the testing format. If anyone out there is getting their license for the first time, or if you're in my position and going back after years of not driving, this site is for you!

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