Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thinking about a new home in Kentucky?

I've been fiddling with the idea of buying a house lately. I'm getting tired of apartment living and the place we're at now is constantly under construction which is inconvenient to say the least. I don't think it's something that I'll be able to do for quite awhile yet. It's still a pipe dream at this point. However, I was window-shopping on the internet just for the heck of it and I found some pretty great real estate sites. There's one that really stood out for me because the real estate team seemed very dedicated and customer friendly. It's called LouisvilleHomesFast.com.
Unfortunately, I wasn't looking to move to Kentucky, which is where they are located. However, if you or anyone you know are looking in that area there are Louisville homes and tons of other properties on their site. Here's a little bit about them: The Hollinden Team believes you should know about the market before buying or selling. They offer fantastic customer service and guarantee complete satisfaction. They serve the entire Louisville area and they know it inside and out. The site also has a Market Trends Newsletter, a real estate blog, and email listing alerts so you can keep up with the market. They offer free appraisals as well. If you're in the market, you should check them out!

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