Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thank god for tax returns.

I got my tax refund last week and it couldn't have come fast enough. This was my first year getting to claim a school credit and that made a huge difference. If you don't know what the school credit is, has more info here: about taxes. Anyway, it really came in handy and I got to pay off my notoriously huge winter heating bills. I live in a pretty old and very drafty apartment, so my bills get out of control between November and March. It's always a huge relief when I'm able to get them all taken care of.

I used to get my taxes done professionally when I worked three jobs and then I did them myself when I only worked one. Now that I'm self-employed, with a business and a baby PLUS going to school, I needed help again. I couldn't afford to go have them prepared though so I used TurboTax this year. It's kind of a perfect combination of doing them yourself and having them done. They have tax guides to help you understand and decide which irs forms you might need. Then they lead you through all the possible deductions and credits. Once you have everything filled out, they can even e-file for you. Federal filing is free for most people, and there's a small fee for state filing. Even though I didn't qualify for free filing, it still cost me about 1/3 of what it costs to have them prepared! If you haven't tried online tax software I definitely recommend trying it!!

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