Monday, September 9, 2013

Keep your home, and your little ones, safe!!

I live in an urban area and, while we have never had any problems (knock on wood!), a few of our neighbors have had issues with break-ins. Because of this, I've been shopping around and debating whether or not to install a security system. While doing some comparisons, I came across Protection1 home security systems. They have many of the basic features I was looking for (alarms, obviously, and remote options) but they also have many options that I had never even considered, like energy monitoring and automatic door locks. There are also options for video monitoring.

Perhaps what I like most about this company, however, is their focus on families. For instance, they are running a National Baby Safety Month campaign to raise awareness for potential household hazards. There are even some helpful infographics HERE which break down the information for each room in your house. Some of the information is common knowledge, but there are also some helpful things that I feel are often overlooked, like anchoring furniture to prevent tipping. These helpful tips are available for free on their website right now and are even available as links for social media. I find the fact that they are promoting this safety awareness for families very comforting and it has definitely swayed my opinion towards their company vs. others who are just focused on sales. They are offing a free quote on their website right now, as well. If you are looking for ways to make your house more secure and protect your family, I suggest checking them out!

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