Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm not a mom...

But last week a bright pink plus sign and then a letter from Planned Parenthood confirmed what part of me has known for over a month... that I'm about to be.

If you're looking for the typical mushy and sentimental mommy blog you may want to stop reading now. I assure you this probably won't be it...

This isn't an outlet for me to gush my excitement about bringing a life into the world.

This isn't my chronicle of the miracle of childbirth or the ins and outs of pregnancy.

This isn't even an ode to my future offspring.

It's not to say that these feelings don't exist or that I don't have specific things that I will want my baby to know about when he or she is older but those things are strictly reserved for the recipient in the form of a journal/scrapbook specifically for him/her to have when the time is right. Something tangible, something that can be held and carried, not cold words glowing on a computer screen.

This is mostly just for me... and maybe you, if you're still there.

I've already said that this is not going to be a typical baby blog. There's many reasons for this but the most obvious is that I'm not your typical 'mom blogger'...
I am not married.
There's no 'special someone'.
I'm not young and hip and I'm not giving up my formerly glamorous life to start the family I've always wanted.
I am just an average 30 year old woman who one day was faced with a choice that was never really a choice.
I'm also not one to sugar coat things to make them more digestible but I figure if other moms can pepper their blogs with descriptions of medical procedures and bodily fluids, I think I can get away with a little honesty and maybe a few f-bombs. We'll see how things go....
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