Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween!!!!! (Sorry so late!)

Oh boy has it been a busy few weeks. Halloween and my birthday are so close together that it always takes me awhile to recover. This year I had an amazing idea for Aurora and I to dress up together but I couldn't make it happen in time, so I'm gonna hold onto it for next year. Get ready to be blown away though! This year, I went with something a little simpler. Aurora still doesn't eat candy or sweets so trick or treating is still a long way off. I knew that our only chance to show off her costume would be our neighborhood party, so spending a ton seemed silly. Plus I wanted something I could recycle for another idea I had. Soooo..... Aurora was a rag doll this year, she was still a huge hit!!
The party we went to had a trebuchet to launch pumpkins in the air!
Ready... Set....
Aurora saw her first police horses up close!
So curious about everyone...
Clapping for the ladies who were playing music!!
Costume parade around the park!
The one and only time I got her to sit still for a picture.
Silly face!

Oh, did I mention I was a doll too? Yeah, that happened.

Hope everyone else had a great Halloween!! <3 p="p">

Doing some heavy duty furniture shopping right now.

I've lived in this apartment for about five years now. Long before Aurora came and my life changed. Most of the furniture I have came with me from house to house for years. Some of it even came from the side of the road (I refinished it of course). While a lot of these pieces have sentimental value, it's time to let go of some of the lower quality stuff. I'm a big girl now, there's no excuse for cheap particle board furniture anymore haha.
So anyway, I've been looking around online for good deals on nicer pieces of furniture. I need  a new kitchen set, some end tables and a new entertainment center for starters. I found a pretty great website called Wholesale Furniture Brokers. They have a huge inventory. Super nice furniture and the prices are pretty competitive. I've been on the lookout for one of those leather recliners , not the gross overstuffed lazyboy type ones, something nice and comfy but stylish. This site had some of the nicest ones I've seen I even found a couple on sale and some with free shipping!
Do any of you guys buy furniture online or am I crazy? If you do, what are your favorite sites?
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