Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Enter to win a free stroller over at Red Tricycle!

I've been a fan of Red Tricycle for awhile now, they always have good parenting article and links to products and activities before I see them elsewhere. Right now if you head over to their site, you have a chance to win a Phil&Ted’s stroller and all you need to do is enter an email address! (Extra entries for sharing on social media. Go check it out!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A new site for preserving family memories!

I started this blog as a way to chronicle my life as a new single parent and along the way, I found myself thinking a lot about my own family and life growing up. I have always said to myself that I would probably write a book some day, because I feel like I had a lot of experiences and people in my life that deserve to be remembered. I have extensive journals, and piles or random notes, and even this blog to reference when the time comes to get serious about this, but I recently found out about a site that might be even more useful to me:
iBiographer lets users create biographies and create "living family histories". Unlike traditional family trees, which are just lists of names and dates, this allows memories to be preserved and shared, including stories and even photos. This information is kept private and can be privately stored and later accessed by invited family members. To make things even better, family members themselves can then contribute their own content! If the family members choose, these entries can also be made public, which could help family members get in touch with long lost relatives who are searching for them.
As someone with very little immediate family, this site seems perfect for not only preserving the memories I have, but also collecting other unique perspectives from family members I don't have close contact with. I can see using this as almost a virtual family reunion, where everyone can reminisce about our history and other members of the family. Then, when the time comes to get my own story on paper, I'll have a much richer and more extensive history to draw from thanks to what has been compiled by me and other family members. I think this is a great idea and I was surprised no one had come up with this idea sooner!

This post was sponsored by iBiographer, you can read more about them here:

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014!

This was the first year that Aurora really understood and appreciated the whole Santa thing. We definitely took full advantage and found him wherever we could. The first time was a little bit of a disaster because Aura took a nasty spill. Guess we had to get that first ER visit out of the way at some point... She was more disappointed to miss the hayride than anything. In spite of that, though, it was a great Christmas!

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