Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sorry! I've been slacking...

For anyone who doesn't know, I've got an unusually heavy courseload this semester and it's been a little tough to make myself sit down and update. Usually I want to get as far away from the computer as possible! The good news is; the semester is halfway over and I've been surviving, with my 4.0 average still intact. Soon it will get easier! The bean and I have been enjoying the warm weather during the day though... here's a quick glimpse of our last few weeks:
Aurora practicing her bike riding skills at Nana Poo's house.
Aurora at her best buddy's 2nd birthday party!

Drawing and eating fruit snacks!
Picnic at the zoo!
Painting with water at the zoo (I really need to make her one of these!)
Meanwhile mama has been canning awesome salsa; running and obsessing over salads!!
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