Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday XXXV - (Aurora vs. my quick and delicious TVP tacos)

**I make these all the time, soooo simple to make. If anyone wants the recipe, let me know. I'm more than happy to share it!

Another great tutoring site I found.

So here's another time where part of me wishes I lived on the west coast. I was looking into tutoring services, just in case the day comes where I struggle with one of my classes. I found very few good options near me, but some great ones in California. For instance, there is a great one based in L.A. called Varsity Tutors. They offer personalized tutoring in your own home for just about every subject you can think of. You know you can trust them because they have to make it through a vigorous screening process which includes a background check. I plan to take chemistry next semester and I know it's something that I may struggle with, so just for the heck of it I looked up what they offered. I was pleasantly surprised by the list of options. It's easy to get started, you just put in your info (L.A. residents only) and they send you an email with your options and pricing. You can find more information here. The best part is, if you aren't completely satisfied, they offer a money back guarantee. I really wish they had something this good closer to me. It would be nice to have some personal one-on-one help sometimes. That's one thing I miss about traditional school. Going to college online can be very lonely and sometimes I feel like I have to figure everything out for myself. Maybe they will be so successful that they expand to the east coast (let's hope!).

Friday, January 25, 2013

Aurora's Two Year Checkup!!

Aurora had her two year(!!) doctors appointment this month, plus her second trip to the dentist. So far everything is looking great! She's in the 98th percentile for height which isn't really shocking and the doctor said she's really smart and knows quite a bit for her age... If you ask me, she's too smart for her own good already! I love how people are always amazed at how calm she is during appointments. She didn't make a peep during shots or even having her blood drawn! I think the dentist was her favorite though, lots of puzzles to play with, birthday cake flavored toothpaste, a new toothbrush and a sticker?! Someone knows the way into Aurora's heart! Sorry for the low quality phone pictures in this one. I forgot my camera at home, twice!
She's obsessed with the little johnnies
Post appointment trip to the Children's Museum
She loved the water room this time around!
We had dinner at a new restaurant afterwards. This was their veggie 'duck'. It was great!
Doing puzzles in the dentist office
Special lunch date after, for being such a big girl!

Another awesome place for shopping from home!

It might be pretty obvious, but I'm obsessed with shopping from home. I have an Amazon Prime account, I get my gluten-free foods from Vitacost, I buy clothes from Alloy and shoes from JustFab. I even used to get my groceries delivered before my roommate and I coordinated a weekly shopping trip. It's so much easier to buy things online rather than dragging a toddler around with you. Particularly when it's 10 degrees outside like it has been in Providence lately. Anyway, I've hit a new low, or achieved a new high... depending on how you look at it. I'm now buying things for the dog online. I stumbled across PetSupplies.com and now I'm hooked. They have a huge selection and great prices. I've found some great dog grooming supplies for Scoobie on there. We go through nail clippers like crazy around here (chiweenie nails grow like weeds!) and it's nice to be able to order backups rather than hunt for the ones we like and wonder if they are in stock. If you are a pet owner, you should check them out! Plus, I just saw on their site that they are offering 20 percent off your entire first order!! You can thank me later!
Scoobie approves!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Holidays!!

This last month has been crazy! After so many years of celebrating holidays (or not celebrating them) on my own, I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this crazy non-stop holiday season. We went to Nana Poo (my roommate/bestie's mom)'s house for both a pre-Christmas party the weekend before Christmas and again on Christmas night! We celebrated at our house Christmas morning and hung out in our pajamas watching Christmas movies for most of the afternoon. Here's some pictures of our holidays:
Chomping on some mango.
Making friends with new family!
Wearing her new hat and playing with everyone else's toys.
Christmas morning presents!!
Aurora is showing me how to use her new light-up Hello Kitty toothbrush!
Distracted by Babes in Toyland.
Eating an apple...  ready to go to Nana's!!
Gimme that camera!!
Two juice boxes are better than one.
More presents!
Here let me help you unwrap yours too!!
Oh you know, just sitting on her new potty in slippers and huge wooden beads, eating snacks.
New snow gear!! Ok, the coat is a liiiiitle big haha.
I hope everyone else had a great Christmas!! Happy New Year!!!


I don't know if any of my blogging friends have been searching for an easier way to go mobile, but I definitely have been. I like the condensed look that Blogger has in it's built in mobile format but I wanted to be able to do more. Like adding a Twitter feed for instance. I was worried that my only option would be to start from scratch and design my own but I knew I wouldn't have the time to do that. So, as usual, I started researching other ways to go about it. I think I may have found one! At Mobstac.com, you can integrate your current blog or website into one of their mobile websites. There are a few preset templates and color combinations to get you started or if you're code-savvy there is an option to completely customize your site. I've been playing around with it a little to try and get a feel for it and I have to say I'm impressed. Best of all? It's FREE to sign up. They also have an option to import your own AdSense account and as many RSS or Twitter feeds as you'd like. It's definitely worth checking out if you've been looking for a way to make your blog more phone/tablet friendly!
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