Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh boy have I been slacking!

Our summer has been pretty great, but school has been eating up the majority of my downtime. I'll have an easy week coming up where I can take the time to fill everyone in on what we've been up to. In the meantime... pictures!
Hanging out in the kiddie area at our favorite neighborhood co-op grocer!
Trying to decide what to eat at our necessary-evil giant chain grocery store.
Aurora has started eating whole apples. She loves them!
Ok, she REALLY loves them.
But she also still loves her original favorite.... bananas!
Good thing we're learning how to brush our teeth!

Awesome deals on printer ink at

So, I go through printer ink like craaaaazy. I have this wireless Canon Pixma that I love. The print quality is awesome and it's super simple to use, but dear god does it suck up ink. I've found some really good prices on They have both the compatible (generic) and official Canon cartridges as well as the high yield, which can be a little tough to find. So for now I've been getting my ink online.
However, I'm seriously considering a laser printer upgrade. The one I've been eyeballing is the Samsung CLP 300. It's expensive, but most laser printers are. However, I paid about $100 for my Canon last year and I've already replaced the ink in it about 3 times. In fairness, I print a LOT, particularly photos. Now, if you do the math at about $35 for both refills (and that's being conservative) and I've already spent a new printer's worth in just ink! Compare that to the toner prices on the same site where I get my Canon ink: Samsung CLP-300 toner. SOOO much cheaper. Plus they last much longer. I'm just a little scared of the price tag. Does anyone have experience with personal laser printers? I like the Samsung, but I'm not tied to it yet. Any suggestions for me?
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