Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vanity Milestones

My little one finally has a full pretty set of eyelashes... still waiting on the eyebrows but the shadow of them is there and it looks like she got mine, this is a good thing. I've always liked my eyebrows, they remind me of my mother.

For those of you who haven't given birth yet I'll let you in on a little secret...

No one tells you that most if not all babies are born with no eyelashes or eyebrows! Every mom I know says the same thing when the topic comes up... it's disarming!
Obviously you think your baby is beautiful but somewhere in the background a little voice wonders if this is normal. Do other babies have eyelashes and mine missed the boat? Will they grow in? What if they don't? When you wade through all the extensive tidbits of information out there about birth and babies... things they warn you 'not to panic about' (which obviously inspires the opposite response) the things they leave out, like the eyelash bit, are baffling. Do we really have to read about all of these horrible facts that only affect 10% of births? Preemptive worries about hairy backs and stork bites and birth marks and temporarily elongated skulls but no mention of this startling lack of facial hair?
Anyway, after some reassurance from other moms I stopped worrying about it and have been watching as each little eyelash comes in and starts to darken. It's pretty fascinating. I mean obviously we all realize that we grow our eyebrows and eyelashes but to see them come in from scratch is quite the experience! Just another tiny but significant thing mommy-hood has helped me appreciate.

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