Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cute break!!

I'm working on another family post but it's a tough one too and not coming as easily as the one dedicated to my mother so I'm putting the bummer on hold and taking a cute break! Here's what Aura's been up to lately!!
We've been going to Storytime Yoga almost every week!

She's been rolling onto her belly every chance she gets!

She had her first full serving of avocado (with a little cereal mixed in)!

She got that avocado all over her face....

And then washed it off with her first attempts at a sippy cup!

We had a playdate at her new friend Declan's house with Savannah and another momma/baby duo!

And there's Aurora... already surrounded by boys. This is going to be trouble.

As you can see it's been pretty eventful! Can't wait to see what the rest of spring has in store for us!

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