Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why I Am A Genius: Part 1 (...of many!)

So I'm not trying to be all brag-a-docious or anything but every now and again I amaze myself. As most of you know, Aurora is newly mobile. This has led to some major babyproofing efforts such as saying goodbye to the coffee table for a bit and ordering some bright and shiny new gates. I've cleared most things out of our living room so she'll have a big open area to crawl around and explore. However, there are some things that just can't be removed, like our entertainment center. So I went on a long hunt and picked through prices and reviews (like I always do) to find some good bumpers until she's a little steadier. Well... after about two hours I decided I didn't want ANY of the products I looked at! Not only were they moderately expensive, considering what they are, but some just didn't make any sense! Example:

$2.12 for a 4 pack of new hard corners to put on top of your old hard corners... really?

Also... Am I supposed to screw those into my furniture?!
I almost considered this option, as it seemed a little more reasonable:

Flimsy not-so-sticky tape and four slightly more substantial corners: $15.99

The issues here are:
A. This was the lowest price I could find for this system. Buying the corners and tape separate costs even more.
B. The reviews are AWFUL. The tape won't stick, the cushion isn't thick enough etc. etc.

Ready for my GENIUS solution? 

Pipe insulation!!!

$1.19 for ALL of this. 

A little creative trimming and a few removable double stick tabs for the top of the subwoofer (everything else is just fitted into the crease) and voila! Super cushy, no sticky tape, and best of all super cheap! After all, it's not like it will be there very long, I have better things to invest time and money on!
So there you have it... genius, no?


Small Kucing said...

love the title.

You are indeed a genius!

lauren said...


Meagan said...

What an awesome idea! Very creative!

MsAngelStarr said...

Thanks everyone! They held up through the first day so I have high hopes!

Cheap Baby Favors said...

Very well done!

Cathey said...

I so wish I had seen this when my son was smaller! What a great idea!

I'm a new follower from the Sundae Hop!

Ashley S - MD Mama said...

Thanks for posting this! My son is just starting to get mobile and in no time he'll be crawling around the house. I need to baby proof!! This is such a great idea, thanks :)

Michelle said...

At first when I looked at the picture I thought it was those 'noodles' you use in the swimming pool, but pure genius!

MsAngelStarr said...

Thanks! They're still holding up okay though I may break down and use a little double stick tape as she managed to pull one off to play with the other day!!
Still totally worth it based on how much money I saved though.

And Michelle: I thought of the pool noodles first! But then I realized how much I'd have to carve them up, that's what made me think of the pipe insulation instead. So funny that you mentioned them!

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