Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yesterday, after talking about it for months, we finally got together with a few of my best friends for a long-overdue playdate. Aurora had her morning nap a little earlier than usual in preparation. Now that Aurora has less bottles during the day I'm trying to keep them pretty close to her meals.
This was the lunchtime bottle.
Apparently bottles= lounging. She does this if she drinks in her stroller too... it's funny pretty much every single time. People seriously stop us in the street over it...
Anyway, on to the playdate!

Practicing walking with her new friend J.
That's his daughter in the pink. Only 3 months older!
 Aurora got to explore a giant house and hang out with the other little ones.
And I mean GIANT. Especially compared to ours.
Yeah that's a Storm Trooper helmet alright.
Aurora also got to play with her good buddy Hedrix!! He's got almost a year on her, but neither of them seem to mind. His parents are two of my closest old friends... 
You can read his mama's blog HERE. 
He's pretty damn cute, so try to contain yourselves!
See? He's adorable.
I was surprised that she played with an actual toy for awhile...
These days she's more into finding things she shouldn't be touching, so this was a welcome change! But I found out quickly that it was only because she had bigger plans: 
Yep. She's kneeling ON it.
 She fell asleep for a little bit on our way home so I didn't bother with her longer nap. We just hung out around the house, ate a snack and Aura had a much needed bath before bedtime. It was a pretty great day!
Banana cookie snack before bedtime!
Note the HUGE mess. Maybe this was a bad idea.
 She seemed to have a blast and wore herself out so much that she slept like a champ!
 Can't wait for next time!


Small Kucing said...

looks like "international roaming" hahaha...she sure had a great time from the look of the pics. What about you? Hope you enjoyed yourself too

championm2000 said...

big play date= better sleeping!!

It's a win-win!

MsAngelStarr said...

I definitely enjoyed myself!! It's not often I get to talk to adults these days haha.
And I agree!! I love when she gets a chance to go nuts and wear herself out!

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