Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our weekend: (a little late) Birthday party and tons of work for mommy...

This weekend/week has been super busy! I took on a big painting job for my landlord to make some extra money (Aurora's birthday is only 5 weeks away!!) and I drastically underestimated how long it would take me. The nice part is I can work while she's in bed for the night because the job is in our back hallway! Plus I benefit from it being repainted since I live here. It's definitely a win-win, just hard work, but that's okay too since I haven't seen a bicycle or the inside of a gym in longer than I'd like. If all goes well it will be just the first of many projects I can do for her, which will make Christmas less stressful too. On top of this I've been planning a playlist for the next time I DJ at the bar... it's the week of my birthday so I'm being selfish and playing nothing but Prince songs. Trouble is narrowing down the hundreds of songs to which ones I want to play, and then narrowing THAT list down to songs that people will listen to for three hours. I have high hopes. Plus it's a pretty good soundtrack to all this work I've been doing. 
On top of all that? We had a very important birthday party to go to this weekend! Two of my closest friends had a 2nd birthday bash for their little man, so of course we had to go! If you're curious you can see more pics of their adorable family HERE.
Here's your photo fix:
Waiting for the bus... that was a full 25 minutes late. 
Aurora playing with the birthday dude! (Check out his awesome hair!)
She loved the spatula from his kitchen...
Maybe a little too much?
We had a great time, I was glad we were able to get there, even though we were a little late due to the bus.
So what did I bring to the party?
H. has tons of toys (as you can see) and I wanted to give something a little more personal. So, I decided to make him a picture! 
I took this already adorable "Aw" inducing photo:
And with some creative photo editing, a canvas, some monotone magazine scraps and a ton of Mod Podge, I turned it into this:

I was pretty proud of this one... It was an idea I was kicking around for Aura (may still do it, not going to lie) I worried for a second that maybe it was a little cheesy to do for someone else but they loved it!

Ok, now that everyone is updated... back to painting!! Hope everyone is having a great week!


Small Kucing said...

ooo the babe is so cute. must be tired out from all those painting. I painted my home too earlier this year. by the time i get to the rooms, i was so tired.

Tee-iabo Designs said...

Aww...I love the pics. Good job for you earning extra money on the side working for your landlord.

Playing a "Prince" soundtrack for your birthday, one! I love me some Prince. Woo...with his gorgeous self! He was suppose to be my husband, he just didn't get the memo. lol Happy Thursday!

MsAngelStarr said...

Thanks ladies!!!

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