Friday, January 13, 2012

A big announcement and a peek at our daily routine!

I have very exciting news:
On February 8th I will be boarding an airplane (my first time) and heading to Hawaii for a much needed vacation with my roommate/bestie Steph!
She won a contest at her job and they're sending us to the Big Island for four days!
We're calling it our Hetero-Honeymoon...
Ok, ok I'M calling it that.
Anyway, taking my little bean with us is out of the question, unfortunately. I'm sure she'd hate being stuck on an airplane 9+ hours and we'd never be able to pack enough for her to be happy in a hotel room for four days. Plus, let's face it, that's not really a vacation. She's going to be staying with Steph's parents while we are away. This is the first time I will be away from her for more than a day. I've never left her anywhere except for when I was hospitalized for gall bladder surgery last February. So... needless to say this is a little stressful. I'm not quite in full panic mode yet but I already have a two page (and counting) to-do list. I know she'll be in very capable hands, however the dormant overprotective control freak in me can't help but worry a bit.
I'm working on that. I'll probably be fine the minute I see the beach.
Now, Nana Poo hasn't taken care of a baby full time in about 25 years so I thought the best thing to do would be to write sort of an owner's manual for Aurora. I figure that way she'll have everything she needs to know at her fingertips and it'll probably make the transition easier for all of us. It'll include our routine and a meal plan as well as Aurora's favorite activities. Plus emergency numbers and all of that jazz, obviously.

The first order of business was sitting down and really thinking about what an average day entails. This is my basic rough draft so far, I figured I may as well share it...

-Around 9:30am or so: Aurora wakes up for her one and only bottle. 
This is technically her breakfast...
If everything goes well, she'll drift back off for an hour or so after! 

-In the event that she doesn't stay down after her bottle, we'll play for that hour instead. 
-If she does... Yay! More sleep.

-First diaper change/belly raspberries of the day as soon as she gets up.

-10:30am(ish): Breakfast/Lunch Time! 

-11:00-2:00: Playtime! 

-2:00:  Nap Time! Nap time doesn't always happen exactly at 2. She makes it pretty clear when she needs to go down so I usually wait for her signal. If she goes too early it takes forever to get her down. Same thing if she goes too late, compounded with sleeping too late which can mess with bedtime.

-After nap: More raspberries and usually another diaper.
Then it's Snack Time!
We usually watch a little TV while she snacks and has her juice box.

-Snack Time until 5:15: More Playtime! 
We try to take a walk if the weather is nice enough.

-5:15ish: Dinner Time!

-Dinner Time until 6:15: Even MORE playtime! I try my best to wear her out this hour as much as possible... Think chasing games and tickle-fights!!

-6:15: Bath Time (if needed) or  wind-down time. 
Books, puzzles, maybe a quick TV show.

- Right around 7:00 (sometimes a little earlier): Cranky Aura will make her appearance. 
This signifies Bed Time!

-Our Bedtime Routine
Diaper change/raspberries. 
Snuggles and Goodnight Moon (usually twice).
Big smooches!! 
Put Aurora down and explain it's bedtime and that I'll see her in the morning. 
Belly rub, light's out, baby monitor and white noise on, pull Lullaby puppy's tail... 
Make a quick exit!


That's it! Obviously Nana Poo's version will be a little more involved but those are the basics. Next up... a meal plan! I've got to come up with four days worth of breakfast/lunch, snacks, and dinners that's be easy and stress free. In an ideal world, I'll make everything ahead of time so Nana Poo can just open a container and pop it in front of her. We'll see how far I get with that... I have high hopes though. 
I'll be sure to post Aurora's menu for the week once it's all done as well as give you a glimpse of "Aurora's Owner's Manual"... 
Hope everyone is having a great week!


Tee-iabo Designs said...

LOL! I am ROTFL@this post!!!!! Aurora will be just fine. You on the other hand I'm not so sure about. I remember making this same list the first time I left my children in the care of somebody else and guess what...children adapt to the flow of who they are staying with. All you really need is a list of her favorite foods, toys and shows. For some odd reason the way they act with their parents is not same way they act when around others. Please don't think I'm being mean. I'm totally not. It's just that I've been there done that and I'm just chuckling @deja vu. Seriously, Aurora will be fine, but do what you must as it is a mother's instinct. Love this post!

Small Kucing said...

Congratulations! Some relaxing time certainly brighten up everything.

I would worry to leaving my kid to others to take care though they are as capable as me. Guess, we mothers will worry a lot. Worry that the kid will look for us worry that the kid dont have enough to eat this and that.

well, Now I know what to do if I should go on a vacation. I should follow what you did. Write and manual and give it to the caregiver when am away.

Angela H. said...

Ok, so the official vote is 1-1 for and against my intense over planning? I'll take that.
The thing is, like I said, we've never been apart. Not to mention that it's taken quite awhile for this routine to evolve and she's a super easy and happy baby because of it.
Also, she's only 13 months old. There are no favorite TV shows yet, and I don't really encourage much television. Luckily she doesn't have much interest in anything but the opening songs. Not getting defensive. I realize it's a little over the top. I'm just not sure I'll be able to relax without knowing I have all possible bases covered. Make sense?

Tee-iabo Designs said...

It's all good. I don't think you're going overboard. You're her Mom & you know what's best. Also, you need to feel secure. I just had to chuckle because I remember myself doing the same exact thing. My mother would have to practically push me out the door. Now that my son is 15 and my daughter is 12 I can look back and lol. You will too...promise! Big hugs!

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