Thursday, March 29, 2012

A ton of pictures from our warm weather adventures last week!

At the park. Aurora isn't sure about sand yet...
Nope. She doesn't like it.
But she LOVES PB&J!
And juice!
Ready to run errands.
Waiting for yoga class to start.
Making a mess with watermelon!
Heading to the zoo!
What the heck are those?!
Whoa!!! Giraffes!!
Camel ride.
Snack time.
Bubble bath!!!!
Look how long her hair is getting!
Baby Buddha Feast at PF Changs. It was a hit!
All that springtime weather was such a tease last week! I'm under two blankets while I post this with no more warm weather in sight. I'm just considering it a preview of all the fun we'll be having in a month or two!

1 comment:

Spanish Pinay said...

Enjoyed looking at the pictures :) love the 5th picture. Those shoes are so cute!

Can't wait for summer and beach!

Spanish Pinay

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