Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Holidays!!

This last month has been crazy! After so many years of celebrating holidays (or not celebrating them) on my own, I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this crazy non-stop holiday season. We went to Nana Poo (my roommate/bestie's mom)'s house for both a pre-Christmas party the weekend before Christmas and again on Christmas night! We celebrated at our house Christmas morning and hung out in our pajamas watching Christmas movies for most of the afternoon. Here's some pictures of our holidays:
Chomping on some mango.
Making friends with new family!
Wearing her new hat and playing with everyone else's toys.
Christmas morning presents!!
Aurora is showing me how to use her new light-up Hello Kitty toothbrush!
Distracted by Babes in Toyland.
Eating an apple...  ready to go to Nana's!!
Gimme that camera!!
Two juice boxes are better than one.
More presents!
Here let me help you unwrap yours too!!
Oh you know, just sitting on her new potty in slippers and huge wooden beads, eating snacks.
New snow gear!! Ok, the coat is a liiiiitle big haha.
I hope everyone else had a great Christmas!! Happy New Year!!!

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