Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What we've been up to lately:

Time just keeps slipping away around here. We're busy busy busy! Aurora's new buddy is still with us three days a week, which seems to be working out well for everyone. I'm still in school full time, taking THREE classes at once right now which is a little stressful. I've also started running for exercise because it's the most (actually, only) convenient option for me. In between all of that, we've been trying to get out and enjoy this new spring sunshine as much as possible! Here's some of our moments from the last few weeks:

Running errands with mama.

Snugglin and watching Sesame Street! (SO CUTE!)

My first 5k - don't laugh at how slow I am please!!

Teaching her buddy how to draw with chalk!

Longest bubble bath ever!

Aurora's first ice cream cone!! (Shhh.... don't tell her it was vegan and all -natural!)

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