Thursday, February 4, 2016

Where has all my time gone?? (& Merry Christmas?)

I had this idea in my head that once Aurora started school, I would have all this free time to catch up on things or get back to the gym. I thought I would be looking for ways to fill those hours when she was gone. It seems I was couldn't have been more wrong. First, just getting Aurora to and from her Pre-K across town is a part time job in and of itself (seriously, it's 20 hours a week). I'm also working a contract that has me at another 20 hours a week and I am back at school for my masters degree. My days generally consist of cramming as much work in as I can, or running errands on my day off, just so I can hang out with Aurora after school. We also walk a friend's dog twice a week. I realized the other day that the school year is already halfway over and I have no idea where all that free time I dreamed about ended up. It also dawned on me that I have been letting a lot of things slip because I got so established in this school/work/school/sleep routine. One of them has been this blog! I keep storing pictures and writing down notes for new posts, but by the time I get around to posting them, they are already out of date. One thing I would feel awful about neglecting though is Christmas! So, here I am posting about it in February. Our Christmas was great and it was the first year that Aurora truly appreciated the holidays really got into the Santa aspect of it. We also got our first live tree this year which was exciting! I was paranoid about a 6ft tree in a house with a five year old and a cat, but we had no problems at all, so a new tradition is born!

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