Friday, April 22, 2011

My little bean is now a Jumping Bean!!

So on a lark I decided the other day to try out her doorway jumper... even though at just under 5 months she's still technically a little too young. She wants to be more active and she's super strong but balance is an issue. I figured since she was so big and tall we could try it out. Well... there's no going back now. She's obsessed!! I'll warn you now... the rest of this entry is pretty much all pictures. I can't stop taking them (not to mention videos) she's hilarious when she gets in this thing!

Sometimes it's a little tough to catch her being still... but somehow blurry photos can be cute too!

I love this over-the-shoulder pose.

You know she's tuckered out when she just starts sucking on the side of it.

Definitely the best $15 I've spent in a long time!

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