Saturday, December 15, 2012

Aurora's Totally Awesome Birthday Carnival Party!!

So, I may have gone a little overboard on Aurora's birthday party this year. I had a little extra money coming in and it seemed like every time I thought about what I was going to do, I had yet another idea that I thought would be fun. The party was carnival themed and I had a bunch of activities planned for the little ones... unfortunately most of them couldn't make it. Oh well, Aurora had enough fun for everyone! Next year I may have to tone it down a bit, but I have to admit I really liked putting everything together. It was exhausting but super fun.
As usual, the pictures speak for themselves...

Presents for the birthday girl from mama.
Treat Boxes!
Duck Pond! (I was pretty proud of this idea!)
"Concession Stand!"

A few more highlights of my handy work and Aurora enjoying the results.
She wouldn't even keep the clown nose on long enough for a picture!
Woo-hoo, presents!!
Aura's Build-a-Bear Snowman from Auntie Rachel!
Happy Biiiiirthdaaaaay!
Hanging out IN the duck pond post-party, of course.
Oh, and also.... We. Are. Dorks.

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Spanish Pinay said...

ca-yute!!! :) We had a carnival theme party for the little one on her 2nd birthday too but I was just able to put up hmmm a quarter of what you have done? haha. Yours is totally awesome :)

and oh, I loooove your red cabinet!

Happy birthday, Aurora!!

Spanish Pinay

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