Friday, December 9, 2011

Aurora's ONE YEAR checkup!

On Thursday we went in for Aura's one year doctors appointment...
 Oddly enough this was what finally drove this gigantic milestone home.  
Aurora's pediatrician is in the same hospital complex as my OB/GYN 
(and our dentist... convenient!) 
We walked down the same corridor that I walked down while I was pregnant about a bazillion times. 
The same hallway that I walked down with her three days after she got home, and then weekly for a month, and then monthly and then every three months. Ten pediatrician appointments over the last year.  


Where on earth did all that time go?
I barely noticed. 
Well, more accurately I was too busy taking in every little thing 
to really stop and think about the breadth of passing time.
I spent our days measuring in increments.
A blink here.
A smile there.
Rolling over.
"Mama"s and "bot-bot"s.
Toys and laughs.
First teeth.
First steps.
365 days passed in a flash.
I was too busy noticing moments to notice the months.
Hi. Remember me?

Anyway... I digress (As usual.)
Our appointment went really well.

Aside from the FOUR shots!
She wasn't too pleased about those but, as usual, she recovered quickly. 
This picture isn't actually from after the shots... 
she needed some serious snuggles for that. 
This is just some teething crankiness, she's got SIX teeth in varying stages coming in all at once, sometimes she gets a little bummed. I will say that I was prepared for it to be much worse. I've heard some teething horror stories but aside from being a little clingy and the occasional crying spurt, she's been a trooper. Just looking at those big teeth in her tiny mouth makes my gums hurt. I'd be a raging bitch if it were me. 

She also had some blood work at this appointment which was far more terrifying for me than it was for her. She couldn't have cared less, too busy playing with the nurses name tag to pay attention. 
I was terrified of needles my whole life ...but not my brave little bean. 

My mommy report card was straight A's! Everything looks great and her growth is perfect.
She's big healthy bean sprout at 29.6 inches and 21.4 pounds!
As usual she was a hit with all of the nurses and got a brand new book to read and tons of stickers. 

Now we get another three month break, and the best news is:
 NO shots at her next appointment! 


Small Kucing said...

4 shots at the same time? Bravo for her for being so brave. Am a scaredycat. Am terrified of needles.

How is she today? Hope she don't develope too much of a fever.

MsAngelStarr said...

I used to be petrified of needles. I think that the many, many,many needles that came with pregnancy and then gallbladder surgery have made me immune at this point.
She's fine... teensy fever that night but her teeth were also making her miserable. I gave her a low dose of ibuprofen to help her get a good nights sleep and it took care of the fever too.

Anonymous said...

She is adorable! I'm petrified of the day when my little one gets his first blood test. They will likely have to tie him down and I'll be trying my best not to pass out... it won't be pretty. Luckily at 21 months they still aren't asking for it.

6 teeth at once! She is a trooper!

Angela H. said...

The blood test actually went much better than the shots. She got to sit on my lap and didn't even notice it. I live in New England and we have tons of old houses here so they do a blood test at one year for lead. Not sure if they do that where you are?

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