Monday, December 26, 2011

First Comes Baby is going PR friendly!!

So as part of a much bigger New Year's resolution, I've decided to step up my blogging game a bit. 
I've built up a good following and I have been getting great feedback from my readers.
I've been approached more than a few times for advertising and giveaways but have been reluctant to commit to hosting them on a regular basis because the blog was so new. 
Well, it's not new any more... so let the games begin!


Kathy said...

Congratulations and good luck!! How exciting! I always enjoy my visits to your site! Sending best wishes on your new blogging adventure!!

championm2000 said...

Exciting! Good luck!

Small Kucing said...

Yay! Good for you! Hope the New Year will brig lots of goodies for you and your readers

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