Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our "First" Christmas!!

Now that the excitement has died down, it's time to tell you guys about our "First" Christmas! 
Ok, so technically this wasn't really Aurora's first Christmas, but considering she slept through it last year (at 25 days old) I think it should definitely count as our first Christmas experience together! We stopped by a friend's house for a small gathering on Christmas Eve and I wish I had taken pictures but I forgot my camera! Here's a picture of her cute Xmas Eve outfit from before we left though:
On Christmas morning Aurora slept until noon!!
Merry Christmas to mama!
Trust me, I know it'll probably never happen again so I definitely appreciated it! 
We opened presents before getting ready to head over to Nana Poo's house...  
1st present from Auntie Poo...
Hmm... what could it be?
Mega Blocks!!!
This one is from Mama... the matching bus!

She got good at opening presents fast!
'Say Please' Tea Set!
1st laptop! Maybe she'll leave mama's alone now!
Playing in the chaos...
 After a little bit of cleanup and breakfast it was time to get in a fancy dress (you may recognize it from our Christmas cards) and hat so we could go to Nana Poo's for Christmas part two!
Aurora LOVES climbing. Funny and a little scary.
 Unfortunately, pictures don't come out too great at Nana Poo's. We had the same problem on Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure it's the lights from all of their fishtanks but you can still get a pretty good idea of what's going on in them...
She loves Nana Poo's TV...
And Poppa Poo's Xbox controllers.
The dress got old quick so we changed into comfy Xmas PJs
Have I mentioned that Aura's been walking up a storm lately?? 
In the dog toy bucket again!
That big doggie is the owner of all the dog toys.
Aura got her very own phone to play with!
That's Nana Poo!!
Those are the highlights, there was also a delicious dinner, a visit to some of Auntie Poo's other family and a bunch of other gifts. I'll post soon about some of the homemade gifts I gave this year. I'm not going to lie... our "first" Christmas was exhausting. But it was so worth it! Hope everyone else had an amazing holiday!
Aurora loves Mega Blocks.

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Tee-iabo Designs said...

Too cute! I enjoyed when my children were this age it gave me an excuse to play with the mega blocks & legos which I love. Love Aurora's dress!

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